Moving Portraits

A "Moving Portrait" is just that. A portrait of your child or family in motion, capturing every little detail that you never want to forget. It's in motion, with sound, and in full color. Just like a memory playing your mind. The footage is taken during our portrait session.


Life is a collection of moments. If you close your eyes you can feel them, see them in your mind. In full color, with sound, and in motion.

The playground where you learned how to swing.

The sound of your mothers voice telling you she loves you.

Your beloved dog who could always be found by your side.

Your childhood bedroom where you were surrounded by all your favorite things.

Give your children the gift of experiencing it all over again, anytime, for the rest of their lives.


I love collaborating with other creatives and business owners to create brand videos to showcase their work. 

Here are a few samples of companies I have worked with so far...