Olivia and the Home Try-On Kit

When Olivia was 5 years old she started complaining of headaches. We found out that she was nearsighted and needed glasses for reading, tablets, etc. We got the best of what we would find frames, but were never really happy with what was available. We even tried ordering extra ones online, only to be disappointed in the quality, design, and fit. 

Fast forward to Jan 2018 and Olivia is now eight years old. It was time to go for her eye appointment and I knew we would need to buy new frames, and dreading it. Then one day while on Instagram I ran across Jonas Paul Eyewear and let me tell you, it was love at first sight! 

I excitedly called Olivia over to look and she was just as smitten as I was! We browsed through the styles and then saw that they offered a Home Try On Kit! It was only $1 to have it sent to us and we had a week to try out 7 different styles! We had the choice of a Tortoise or Black Set, we chose Tortoise.

It was so exciting opening up that box and having time to REALLY try out each style and get a feel for what she wanted. Literally with every pair she just beamed with confidence, but she kept coming back to two different pairs in particular, "Lauren" and "Maddie".

It worked out perfect because she actually needs two pair. We keep one at home, and one pair for school and out and about (she reads every chance she gets!) Ordering our glasses was so simple, I took a photo of her prescription with my phone and it gave me the option to upload a pic and done! Her prescription glasses are on their way! We cannot wait to get them!!! 

This post is a collaboration with Jonas Paul Eyewear. The thoughts written are my own honest opinions.